Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rock Band and cutting the cable - How to make your own wireless mic setup

well, i am one of those rockband junkies. i have the full setup (previous Rockband instruments) for my PS3.  with Rockband 2, Harmonix updated most of the instruments except for the microphone.  Drums got wireless options, guitars (which already were wireless from day 1) already were, but what about the microphones?

we've been promised the wireless setup and kits by varous third-parties such as logitech and for the xbox360 owners, promised Rockband support for the LIPS wireless mic (but still no patch has been released).  lets change that! after doing some digging, i found out what you really need to get a wireless mic setup.

keep reading for the full details!

the most useful information i found was a post over at rockband's forums by orange_black ( here )

here are the materials required:

  • Official Rockband mic w/the usb adapter ( must have the dongle!  see above pic)

  • 1/4" mono Phone plug (found at radio shack, here )

  • Wireless Microphone system with 1/4" output jack (most microphone setups use this output, list of known working ones will be listed at end of post!)

  • Mic Stand (optional, just adds to the feel and look!)

  • Approx cost of mod $50 and up (depending on the microphone system you get)


1. Cut the Rockband microphone wire about a foot or two from the mic itself (main thing is that the dongle on the cable has the usb connector, see pic)

2. Remove the outer casing on the mic cable (opposite end that the usb connector is on; the area we just cut).

3. You will see a white cable surrounded by copper wire; twist the outer copper wire into a single thread.  Then carefully remove the white cable shielding w/a wirestripper.  Then twist that cable to a single thread too.

4. Finally, unscrew the 1/4" mono plug we bought from Radio Shack.  The cable that was surrounded by the white shielding, will connect to the middle part and the outside wires will go to the bottom area. (see diagram, red arrow = outside wires, white arrow = white wires)

5. Lastly, be sure to put the clear rubber shielding over the wires and then rescrew the mono plug back together.

6. Connect the usb to your PS3, Connect the 1/4" mono plug into our microphone system's output jack.

7. Rockout without fear of tripping over your own microphone wire ever again!  This mod will also boost the microphone sound quality and can also be used now w/a PC since the original rockband microphone w/the dongle has its own microphone controller!

Brands that have been confirmed to work:

-audio-technica ( system i used, approx $99 retail; bought at best buy)

-nady (cheaper systems, approx $40 at guitarcenter's online store; dual mic setup for $39 here )