Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Air, OSX and Me: Simplicity can be beautiful (part 2)

well, i admit that the first few times using OS X Leopard (on a hackintoshed pc or the macbook air) was kind of frustrating originally.

being a windows poweruser/geek, i have become accustomed to installshield guides and registry hacking to get my settings and programs running.  however with OS X, installing applications is almost too easy.  just open and drag the app to the Applications folder.  wait? thats all?

yes, simplicity can be a beautiful thing.  this simplicity is shown throughout the whole operating system and applications. in this part 2 i will detail my personal experiences with OS X and the software side of things. again, this is probably a pretty boring read for any OS X hardcore users or power users. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ultraportable/Netbook Orgy: Macbook Air, MSI Wind, Sony Vaio P (photos)

well, at work i'm kind of the netbook guru so in turn i get my hands on the demo units we get.  today, my boss stopped by and handed me a nice fun gift to play with this weekend: a sony vaio p (usa version, 1.3ghz cpu and 60gb pata drive, gps, wifi, wlan, webcam)

so far its an amazing piece of hardware and so tiny!

anywho, i hope to post a full review next week after i get a chance to take it for a full spin. until then, i thought i'd tease you with a few comparison pictures w/my macbook air and msi wind. :P

Monday, March 16, 2009

Air, OSX and Me: Re-introductions (part 1)

well, up to now i've yet to really use OS X Leopard (yes, i know OS TEN, hehe) on true mac hardware (closest was my G5 and G4 towers i previously had).

however, Q was looking to upgrade to the this year's revision of the air and in turn sell his rev A, macbook air.  me being the sucker and gadget whore i am took him up on his offer and in turn have now converted to using my air as my main on-the-go laptop.

and well... os x leopard and mac hardware are a pretty good pair. i take that back, an amazing duo!  and yes, the kool-aid tastes pretty sweet.  keep reading for the first gulp and video of me opening up my air.

(this will be a multi-post blog)