Sunday, April 26, 2009

my HP DV6700T + osx leopard, hackintoshing round 2

well, as my tweets may tell; i've decided to redo my os setup on my HP DV6700T laptop. for a little while i was trying (not very hard) to sell my hp laptop since i was using my air or wind more when on the go.  however after realizing the costs of a macbook pro and how much i prob would get for my hp i decided on keeping my hp and in turn relook into hackintoshing it.

last year i tried using a kalyway osx86 distro/installer and had pretty good success except for no builtin wifi, shaddy shutdown/audio issues (you either get working shutdown and no audio, or audio and having to hard power down laptop; doh!) which are two big negatives if your trying to use it as your main os.

however this time i decided i'd try to use a newer distro/installer, iDeneb 1.4 (it also was patched to 10.5.6; another thing that usually broke my setup was updating!).

keep reading for my thoughts, list of working items, tips and a video demo.

update! sd/mmc/ms card reader working (see below)

First things first, i do not promote piracy/bootlegging/etc!  This post is for educational and geeky purposes only :)  If you enjoy using OSX Leopard, support Apple and buy a copy!

Here is my exact hardware configuration of  my laptop (since there are tons of dv6xxx models out there).

  • HP DV6700T CTO (June 2008)

  • Intel C2D 2.5Ghz T9300 Penryn

  • 4GB DDR2 RAM


  • Bluray/DVD+-RW Combo Drive

  • Webcam, Mic, Biometric (Authentec, AES2501)

  • SD/MMC/MS Ricoh 5-in-1 card reader

  • Geforce 8400 GS 256mb w/HDMI out

  • ALC260 Audio (Conexant HD Audio)

  • Intel 4965AGN Wifi (temp replaced with a msi wind realtek wifi)

  • HP Bluetooth

Installation and Notes

I intially tried using the Kalyway 10.5.2 distro/installer (notes for this will be at end of post) but updating to 10.5.6 really made a mess of my system and broke audio/shutdown and other quirks.  Instead, I decided to use the iDeneb 1.4, 10.5.6 distro/installer.iDeneb includes the EFI Chamelon bootloader and tons of drivers/fixes; some have complained about the distrib but i haven't had any probs yet.

  1. Boot to the iDeneb disk.

    • Prior to installing, i did a full backup of all of  my data and always recommend others to do so too. losing data is not fun or cheap

  2. Partition your hard drive via Disk Utility (i have been installing osx on my first partition and leaving my second one for vista/win7 if i dual boot; seems easier to fix bootloader issues).  I make my partition 1 for osx, and partition 2 as ms-dos fat which i will format to ntfs if i install vista/win7.

  3. I used a vanilla kernel since my cpu is the same exact model that was used in macbook pros of the same time released, choose the Nvinject 256mb video driver, alc260 audio, and default smbios.  i also added the ideneb tools/apps since they are handy to have.

  4. let it install, which took about 25 minutes and booted right into the initial setup wizard with sound! :)

  5. if you plan to dual boot; i finally tracked down a solution to the ever dreaded HFS Partition error after you install vista/win7: link over at http://www.insanelymac.comit appears vista's bootloader breaks the mbr's ability to see the darwin bootloader osx if your going to dual boot, here is how i get my setup to work:

    • install osx on partition 1; create both partitions in disk utility prior to installing osx.

    • install vista to partition 2

    • do the fix to osx (per link)

    • boot to vista install dvd, repair vista

    • do the fix again and use darwin as main bootloader :)

List of Working/Non-working in OSX LeopardWorking:

  • Native Video Resolution, Output to HDMI, Quartz Extreme Supported, Rotation

  • Audio output to speakers; Onboard Mic and webcam in Photobooth and Screenflow

  • Headphone / Speaker autosensing

  • DVD/Bluray Drive read/write

  • Touchpad / Keyboard

  • Volume hardware keys

  • MS Wind Realtek mini-pcie wifi (with compatible mini-pcie card and custom/hacked bios, notes below)

  • Bluetooth

  • USB

  • Wifi/BT off/on switch

  • Shutdown (however delayed)

  • SD/MMC/MS reader (ricoh 5in1) now working! see below.

Not Working:

  • HDMI audio (no output device)

  • VGA out (however hdmi works fine)

  • Native Wifi card in the DV6700T (intel 4965AGN)

  • Mute button, play/next/prev media keys (appear to work but do nothing)

  • SD/MMC/MS reader working!

  • 56K Modem

  • Bluray video playback (no os/software support, reading as data disc works)

  • Sleep/Hibernation (never sleeps or does not wake from sleep)


  • Biometric scanner (hardware detected, no software)

  • Firewire (untested, does not show up as hardware)

  • ExpressCard slot (may work but my hdtv tuner card not supported??)

  • S-Video


Basically by using iDeneb i just turned my semi fast and cool HP into a late 2008 macbook pro (geekbench2 score: 3271 ).  to me, sleep/hibernation for this laptop is not that important since its big, heavy and powerful.  it will either be on or off.  i plan to use it for my more intensive iMovie projects and perhaps to try my hand at more advanced hd video.i have seen posts that say they have figured out the sleep issues w/the dv6700t but i'm a bit leary to try since my setup seems to work very good minus the little details.

i was very happy see hdmi video work the instant i plugged in my hdtv and also the headphone/speaker autochanging working was a def bonus too.

however a big SHAME on you HP for requiring a custom bios to use a 'non-supported' mini-pcie wifi card.  but that just goes to show you the goodness of a community; the osx86 community is definitely that of a sharing community.  so here is my contribution :)

UPDATE: SD/MMC/MS card reader working using driver from here: the same driver as the dell mini9 :)just a quick video of it in action below:

[youtube PYrYkjtvZ2M]


if you plan to swap out your wifi on the DV6700T, you will in turn need to flash a custom/hacked bios to allow for non-whitelisted devices to be used.  if you do not use a custom bios you will get a 104 error when trying to boot your laptop and in turn cannot boot into any os.

here is a good post w/links and instructions on flashing:

i used the F.58A bios on my DV6700T and it works great and has the Apple post logo too :)


to get kalyway 10.5.2 working on the hp dv6700t (my config or similar)

1. installed kalyway 10.5.2 custom build to partition 1

2. used default kernel (non vanilla) and speedstep; used nvidia NVInject 256 video and just generic hda audio (fixed later!)

3. booted fine; no sound though or wifi and shutdown issues

4. installed windows 7

5. broke osx install, had to repair per these notes

6. once bootloader was fixed; continued to resolve problems w/osx and audio.

7. got audio working both speakers, mic and buttons by doing the following.

install theAppleHDA ALC268 drivers from here:

then went to this link and went through fixing shutdown issues

however trying to update to 10.5.6 broke my audio and reason why i used an already updated distrib/installer :)


just some good and related links for reference: