Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dell Mini 10 insta-review (xp edition)


  • very nice keyboard, and key layout

  • larger touchpad

  • nice display

  • decent sound for a netbook

  • good battery life

  • large normal harddrive

  • hdmi output for hooking up to hdtvs


  • touchpad buttons are actually built into touchpad (takes a while to get used to)

  • glossy display hard to see in direct sunlight (but this is normal for glossy displays)

  • normal harddrive so is suspectible to jars/dropping (unlike ssd based netbooks)

  • Function keys require using the FN button to use (again a minor complaint)

  • no VGA-output (can't hook up to most normal computer monitors)

Overall: seamonkey gives a thumbs up to it: 8/10

another good netbook w/a good keyboard layout and larger touchpad area.  initially the touchpad left and right click buttons were hard to get used to since its built into the touchpad itself. however the clicking tactile feedback for them makes it easier to adjust.

the biggest con to the dell mini10 is its lack of a vga out connector for an external monitor; however instead it does have an HDMI output to allow it to hook up to most new hdtvs.

Nice that it uses a normal harddrive and in turn has tons more space for applications.  This netbook falls nicely into the 10" netbook genre with the most common features that seem to define this area: atom cpu, nearly full keyboards, 2 to 3 usb, hdd or ssd (larger for hdd), webcam, memorycard reader.  One defining feature is the hdmi out but this does again come at the cost of a vga out.