Sunday, May 31, 2009

Samsung NC10 insta-review (netbook)


  • awesome battery life, the best so far (about 4-5hours in real world; rated at 6hrs)

  • nice 10" display,

  • solid build feel

  • normal hdd, memory card slots, normal lan and vga ports

  • pinch zooming touchpad (can do pinch gesture in IE and zoom in and out)


  • small touchpad

  • perhaps a little heavier than dell/hp netbooks (but also makes it feel sturdier built)


Overall: definitely a good netbook and i give it a 9/10.


i liked how long the battery lasted on it and how the keyboard had pitched keys (angled at edges and more space between keys than the dell and hp flush keys). 

vga and lan ports also handy and gives it an edge over the other netbooks that opted to use proprietary adapters. however the smaller touchpad is a bit annoying and the only main negative

for full specs, check out Samsung's official page over here: