Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Windows 7 RC, Recorded TV Shows and DLNA Streaming to PS3

well, today i was finally cleaning up my laptop and decided i'd try to setup the media sharing components again.  i currently have my ps3 connected via a gigabit wired connection and my laptop using 802.11N so speed connection speeds should not be an issue with HD content streaming.  it seemed that when i had my ps3 connected via wifi i had some media server disconnect issues (however that may have been related to my older router too, currently using an apple airport extreme base w/nas).

my laptop is currently running windows 7 rc build as its main os due to the fact that win 7 lets you use and record clearQAM channels (that alone convinced me to stay with win7). however, i did not remember having any luck playing my tv shows from my ps3 via the media center sharing.  mp4 files worked fine but tv shows always gave me the usual cannot play back file error.

i have no idea what update added this feature but kudos to microsoft on that feature!!  this not only lets me use my PS3 as a media center extender but also any other pc can playback files via DLNA client. (i am assuming this since i have not tested).  keep reading for more details and the video demo.