Wednesday, November 11, 2009

you're doing it wrong! (rant)


wow, just wow. that's all i can say really these days whenever i read another article on the industries who seem to have held onto their old and dying business models biting the hand that feeds them.

as you can probably already tell, today's post is a soap-box rant which does not reflect the opinions of tech-rx or its owners.

keep on reading for a full fledged yo-momma rant on the music, video and newspaper industries.

First things first, do you know what the ACTA is?

if not, YOU SHOULD!The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA ) is a 'proposed plurilateral trade agreement which is claimed by its proponents to be in response "to the increase in global trade of counterfeit goods and pirated copyright protected works. The scope of ACTA is broad, including counterfeit physical goods, as well as "internet distribution and information technology"'(via wikipedia )from my understanding, the negotiations of the industry heads w/governments across the world lobbying for the agreement have been very secretive and copies of the draft have been watermarked and delivered via physical paper copies.more information can be found over - secret copyright treaty...crunchgear - ACTA...

yea, bad. very bad in my opinion.  basically it would make isps the copyright cops since they provide the pipes. WTF???

also, just today, rumor has it that the studios want to make Netflix delay new movie releases? Why? I do not understand why the industries want to inhibit the growth of the volume of information/media that's available and for the most part being up, the RIAA.

really? still suing people?? why??? and for over $100K  for 200 songs? i wish the artists that are represented would say something once in awhile. i really can't justify purchasing music from any artists that are a part of the RIAA. i vote with my pocketbook.Newspapers/News agencies (web or paper)well, the reason for your existence is to deliver content to an audience in a (for the most part) timely matter.  so one would think that news agencies and companies would move into the now and leverage the power of the internet and masses.  but no, they are struggling to find a suitable/profitable business model and are even considering paywalls for news.

the first big problem, news is news. its worthless imo.  it has no value; most of my news i read via my RSS feeds or get word of mouth/tweets/facebooks.  nationwide/world news is very easy to obtain.  however the part that most of us really care about is our local news.  why aren't newspapers thinking forward? build a nice data center. start scanning/ocring all back issues and then offering them for viewing online and use adbased revenue schemes. start trying crowd-sourcing news clips. HIRE ACTUAL COMMENT MODS (so sick of racial rants/slurs/crude comments that never get modded, hell you can even get a kid from college as an intern and have him do it w/o paying him!).

so that's all for now. hopefully i have not offended anyone since that was not my purpose of this post.  no, my purpose was to make those not aware that YES, the industries and times are changing and we have to be ready.

We also have to protect our rights as citizens and not let a media industry dictate laws regarding freedom of speech and inhibiting of a growing and evolving world of information.the interwebz set information free and thus killed a ton of industries based on the hoarding of such information and also gave us (users/citizens) the tools start making our own media/distributing.and to that. good day!