Sunday, March 28, 2010

iPad, the magical tablet: thoughts

Well, I have a feeling that the next 7 days are going to be pretty saturated with iPad news and 'leaks' and rumors.  I expect to see more than the usual amount of apple fanboy trolls on comment boards and also their arch-nemesis, the anti-apple fanboy trolls.

As a gadget whore, I was obliged to purchase an iPad on launch so I in turn pre-ordered a 16gb WiFi version to get shipped (should have just picked it up after realizing the 3rd is a Saturday! hope work has Saturday deliveries).

Honestly, I know that I really don't have an apparent need to fill with the iPad (again, except for my appetite for the latest gadgets and toys) but am really curious to see if it will fill a need I never knew I had.  Keep reading for my reflections on past netbook / media devices and if the iPad can overcome their failings.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Top Android Apps for the Google Nexus One

Sorry about the delay in getting this post up.  Like any blogger/geek, we all have our lists and this is my list of favorite Android Apps available for the Nexus One.  These apps are available for most other Android devices, but my experience with them are limited to the Nexus One and Android 2.1.  I will also cover a few other hacks/tweaks that i've played around with and if they are worth the time of doing/learning.

Keep reading for the full list (including root required apps)!