Sunday, April 18, 2010

iPad + Case + Dock hack (literally)

Well, just so you know, i'm that guy.  the guy that has to have a dock for every gadget/phone/gaming console he owns. So I couldn't pass up the last iPad dock on the shelf at Best Buy.

I also bought the Apple case for it and love it and prefer using my iPad w/it on (easier to handle and don't scratch back, feels like a portfolio).

So.. the big question is; will my iPad fit on the Apple dock w/the Apple case on? One would think so since they are all Apple accessories. NOPE!

The case won't properly fit onto the dock as is since the connector bottom area keeps it from sitting on the dock properly.

I just marked the end of the dock and then cut the casing/fabric level with the iPad connector port and wide enough to fit onto the dock. Hopefully Apple fixes this at the manufacturing point (my cutting isn't the straightest, hehe). An exacto knife would prob do the trick too. I'll go back and clean mine up later this week when i'm not so tired :)

my messy quickie cutout; (note i cut the back too to help get in and out of dock easier).

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

my iPad experience: i promise its not a review edition (1 of 2)

Wow, there sure has been a lot of iPad buzz and reviews the last few days.  It was expected since this is the marketing beast/genius that is Apple and they don't holdout on launching products.  The iPad was released to the general public three days ago (4/3/2010) in the USA; the lines were nothing like the iPhone or even the PS3 or Wii launches.

Its estimated that only about 300k were sold on the first weekend. Not a bad launch or a great one either.  My 16gb iPad arrived nice and early on Saturday around 9am. So I've had it for about three days. I promise/hope not to bore you with YAIR (yet another iPad review) but more of my thoughts on using it as a geek and then a post 2 of impressions others had on it as i let them have free roam and use of it.  Keep reading for the goodies.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

My Apple iPad 16gb Wifi Unboxing and comparison shots

Well, today is the big day (well at least that's what Apple wants us to believe) that the iPad is released into the hands of consumers.  There really haven't been any reports of crazy line waiting but the buzz on the web is still pretty high.  I'll admit that I am pretty excited but then again I'm excited for any new toy I get.  I woke up this morning nice and early and left a nice note for my UPS driver to call me when he gets here since my buzzer doesn't work.

Around 9am, low and behold I get a call that my package has arrived. My heart jumps for joy and my fingers start twitching with the need to pry open a package. :)

Keep on reading for the full unboxing and comparison shots.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

pre-iPad quickie, unified apps in the app store

i only got a quickie post today leading up to the iPad hoopla.  Looks that Apple has released the iPad app store.  It include several free apps such as eBay, Netflix, ABC... WAIT NETFLIX?!?! Yup! Its there!

Netflix and Hulu could be the killer/scale tipping (for those not sold) apps for the iPad.  The form factor of the iPad is just asking to be used as the current day portable tv. :) it just seems to be a perfect update to a missing modern gadget.  plus, you got gaming, music, web, and who knows what else in addition.  $500 doesn't seem so bad for what this thing may end up doing.  We'll see once us geeks and consumers get our hands on one this Sat.

Finally, the Apps store now has a new category of apps:  iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Apps.  IMDb Movies & TV app is the first i've ran across.  Hopefully we'll start to see more and more of these multiplatform apps and also a ton more iPad ones.  Saturday can't come fast enough. Btw, i ended up ordering a 64GB Wifi+3G version so expect to see my launch 16GB Wifi up on eBay once i get my 64GB.  Till then, keep it geeky!