Saturday, April 03, 2010

My Apple iPad 16gb Wifi Unboxing and comparison shots

Well, today is the big day (well at least that's what Apple wants us to believe) that the iPad is released into the hands of consumers.  There really haven't been any reports of crazy line waiting but the buzz on the web is still pretty high.  I'll admit that I am pretty excited but then again I'm excited for any new toy I get.  I woke up this morning nice and early and left a nice note for my UPS driver to call me when he gets here since my buzzer doesn't work.

Around 9am, low and behold I get a call that my package has arrived. My heart jumps for joy and my fingers start twitching with the need to pry open a package. :)

Keep on reading for the full unboxing and comparison shots.



Comparison Shots:

iPad vs Macbook Pro 13

iPad vs PSPGo

iPad vs Google Nexus One

iPad vs Bluray Movie case

sorry about the finger prints on screens, was in a hurry to get up. Also, expect a review later this week after i get some hands on time :)
Enjoy and keep it geeky!