Thursday, April 01, 2010

pre-iPad quickie, unified apps in the app store

i only got a quickie post today leading up to the iPad hoopla.  Looks that Apple has released the iPad app store.  It include several free apps such as eBay, Netflix, ABC... WAIT NETFLIX?!?! Yup! Its there!

Netflix and Hulu could be the killer/scale tipping (for those not sold) apps for the iPad.  The form factor of the iPad is just asking to be used as the current day portable tv. :) it just seems to be a perfect update to a missing modern gadget.  plus, you got gaming, music, web, and who knows what else in addition.  $500 doesn't seem so bad for what this thing may end up doing.  We'll see once us geeks and consumers get our hands on one this Sat.

Finally, the Apps store now has a new category of apps:  iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Apps.  IMDb Movies & TV app is the first i've ran across.  Hopefully we'll start to see more and more of these multiplatform apps and also a ton more iPad ones.  Saturday can't come fast enough. Btw, i ended up ordering a 64GB Wifi+3G version so expect to see my launch 16GB Wifi up on eBay once i get my 64GB.  Till then, keep it geeky!