Thursday, May 20, 2010

iPad and L5 Remote Dongle Demo (video)

I've been a long time PDA user and for some reason have always lusted over the idea of it being able to control my tv and other appliances.  So when I heard about the L5 remote ($49.95) for the iPhone/iPod Touch, I knew I had to get it (and figured it was most likely iPad compatible, which it is! ). Keep reading for the quick review and video.

Quick Review:

The packaging for the IR Receiver is minimal, but thats not really a bad thing.  All you really do is plug it into the only port that you can and then use the App itself.  Price for the adapter was $50, so in the range of a decent/average universal remote.

The App is free of course and is an iPhone/iPod Touch app (not iPad optimized or specific, hopefully this will be added soon).  I run it in 2X mode of course and now am using Activator and double press of home to bring it up (very handy, worth jailbreaking for).

The range is very good for a remote; probably better than most since its using more power than most prob are.  The remote creator/customizer is pretty easy to use and does allow for Macros, Drop-down menus and labels.  On the negative side, there aren't too many icons or button shapes but the current crop do get the job done.

Assigning remote signals to buttons is easy, you just need the original remote for it to learn it (perhaps a negative for some of us w/o an original remote, however i could see an update that adds a database like Logitech has for the Harmony series).

The nice thing is that it learns any IR remote so if you have a PS3, Harmony Remote and PS3 adapter; you can use it to power off/on your ps3 and devices and control them.

I would recommend it to anyone w/an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and is in need of a universal remote. :)

Finally, a quick demo of me using it w/my ps3, tv, and receiver.

[youtube jy-ZIn8GR-o]

Blogged: 5/20/2010