Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick Post: things to fix in Windows Phone 7... NOW!

this is my quick list of things that need to be addressed ASAP in Windows Phone 7.  I have had my HTC HD7 for about a week and already have ran across several things that should not have passed QC.  Lets get to the list!

1. Custom Ringers (WTF?? copyright scare? make it so we can't make them longer than 30secs)

2. Manual WiFi Network setup / adding of non broadcasted SSID networks. (REALLY? REALLY?? your f(*$ing microsoft, you built wireless zero config! come on!)

3. Car mode options. Hello? Yes, i like security and a password but would like a lock timeout longer than 5 minutes with password options (you can get never lock screen but only w/o a password). Gotta be thinking a little more forward here!

4. Pandora, oh where o where can my Pandora be... WebOS got it on launch.  That was Palm, a now defunct company.  ??

5. OneNote syncing; make it easier or at least explain how you have to do it.  Google still owns the cloud, we are still a bit leary on your offerings microsoft, remember skymesh?

6. Landscape.  You  remember what that is right? Why do I have a kickstand when my Music app stays in portrait? I can think of a landscape design for your Metro style; think of it as a brick road that scrolls left to right.

7. Clock app?? How did you miss this one? really?? again???

8. Mobile Hotspot / Tethering options.

9. Fix problem w/Music app not playing audio after playing Bejeweled Live. This has now happened each time I've played the game and tried using the Music app shortly after.

Thats about all for now.  Again, minus these shortcomings, WP7 is still a great version 1.0 OS.  It is more polished than Android and iOS was but is still missing some pretty major pieces, things that you shouldn't have missed by using an Android or iPhone.

Also, give me a better map app too. Bing Maps can't even come close to what Google Maps is. I'd pay for a Google Maps / Navigation app in a heartbeat for WP7.