Friday, January 28, 2011

My iPad2 wishes...

The iPad 2 is an inevitable beast.  Apple hit a home run with the original iPad, already selling over 8 million units (my estimate of 750k in first week was pretty close, 500k were sold in first week).  So what will Apple followup in with the iPad 2?  I'll outline a few things I hope to see after owning the original iPad and a Galaxy Tab.

I bought the iPad on launch and later the iPad 3G version but have since sold both.  My current tablet device is a Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Why? Size.  I didn't think a 7" tablet would really be a usable device but I was totally wrong.  Its size makes it more appealing due to the fact that I can take it with me anywhere and consider it.  Whereas with my iPad, bringing it with me always required a bag and in turn it stayed at home on its dock and used when on the couch.  It was amazing when I was traveling but when my traveling slowed, its usage dwindled.

The iPad is an amazing device and I am in no way knocking on it.  However, I think Apple will admit it they were wrong in the 7" form factor and release a 7" iPad 2.

Here's my wishlist of iPad 2 features that I'd love to see:

1. Obviously, 7" version.  Most in the industry consider this to be a very doubtful thing to happen, but isn't that what Apple is good at, surprising us?  I say this is a total possibility.  All of the leaks we've seen could easily be just a mis-information campaign by Apple's marketing team.

2. Dual cameras, its a no brainer this will happen. Facetime support is another obvious feature that will get added. Quality of cameras probably will be on par with current iPhone 4 specs.

3. Another obvious one, CDMA (verizon in the usa) version + WiFi, GMS+WiFi and WiFi only versions.  Prcing most likely in line with current models, but you never know.  The 7" WiFi version could be aimed at Kindle pricing.

4. Hybrid touchscreen; both resistive and capacitive touchscreens.  At the same time, they could possibly release a notetaking app aimed at Microsoft's OneNote and make a true leap into the Enterprise realm.  Very doubtful if even considered by most analysts.  Again, I just want to replace my paper notebook for meeting notes I use and a 7" iPad 2 w/a hybrid touchscreen could do it. :)

5. NFC and Gyroscope.  NFC is doubtful but Gyroscope is a no brainer.  NFC would be nice for interaction with iPhone 5 that prob would have it.  NFC will live up to its hype, just is slow to get to market due to it being implemented into new devices.

That wraps up my quickie 5 wishlist of new features for the upcoming iPad 2.  Guess we'll probably start finding out more and more about it as the months wear on.  I'd guess a April/May release date for it since that would mark the 1 year date from its release.