Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finales and New Beginings...

Well my fellow readers, this will be the last post on this blog ( for me. I've decided that its time to move onto a more professional avatar / moniker and in turn am rebranding myself under the_seamonkey and jimmyselix...

my new blog at tech-recipes:

I plan to continue posting on all of my usual sites and also will be starting a new blog here on  So I'm not really going anywhere just growing up and leaving my college online self behind.

Its been a great 10+ years as the seamonkey420.  I originally got my start be having one of the first easy readable XBOX modding guides available.  Thankfully Tech-Recipes saw my skills and offered me hosting and a login to add my guides to their database.  From there on out I basically snatched up every seamonkey420 username on any relevant tech site so that way I would become the seamonkey420.

However, our avatars/monikers do reflect upon us and in turn the 420 aspect of my previous does give off perhaps a negative/less authoritative vibe with users.  So sadly the reason why I am transitioning to a more 'pc' one.

Rebranding yourself isn't too bad.  It shows you how loyal of twitter/foursquare/blog followers you have.  If you engage your readers/followers, they'll add you back in a heartbeat.  If you bore them or never update your status, they'll probably forgo adding you.  Its all about content baby!  I will miss having my original twitter account (over 5K+ tweets) and also my original blog url/referrals but that's the price of starting fresh.

So expect a new blog from me shortly, i'll be sure to update with a new link.  Thanks again for taking the time to read my rants and raves and random geek posts.  The content won't change, just the name on the blog. :)