Monday, March 14, 2011

the iPad 2 and my new love...

Today's post is about my initial impressions on the iPad2 and an app for the iPad / iPad 2 that I just found and am in LOVE with.  Flipboard for the iPad.  Keep reading to find out  some thoughts on the iPad 2 and why I love this app.

Yes, I was one of those people you saw in Target on Friday. You know, the ones standing in that long a*# line... for the iPad 2. :)  By now, I'd call myself an experienced veteran of launch days for devices/gadgets.  I usually will focus on 3 locations/retailers as my main locations to get the device from and then use my social hacking skills to really get some of the minute details of the launch/stock inventory numbers.

After doing my recon, I figured the downtown Target was the best bet since they had the biggest numbers (they thought about 100, but 75 in actuality). So waited in line for about two hours but was lucky to get an AT&T 3G+Wifi White iPad (16GB).  Ideally I wanted a 64GB Black but hey, I got one!

My initial impressions as a previous iPad owner was that the iPad 2 just looked smaller.  It is definitely half the thickness of the original and slightly lighter.  After holding in your hands for some time, the weight differences do disappear; it still feels a bit heavy.

Visually, the screen is amazing and the viewing angle is greatly improved; you can nearly see from all angles without any distortion or fading.  Design of the iPad does seem to hamper plugging in the iPod cable and getting out the microSIM card; its a weird angle to figure out initially.

However, the memory, cpu, and gpu upgrades are definitely noticeable once you fire up any 3D intensive game or memory intensive app.  The camera quality is bad, there's no sugar coating it. My Galaxy Tab's 3.2mp camera makes it look like a DSLR compared to a disposable 35mm.

As Quinn and David had mentioned in our iOS vs Android debate; the apps are really what make the iPad that great.  One in particular is Flipboard.

This app basically will take your RSS, blog, social network and photos and lay them out in a very sexy magazine type layout.  At the moment there are no obstrusive ads, just your content.  You can also share and tweet the articles/posts.  I personally have imported all of my Google Reader subscriptions and doubt I'll ever use Reader on the web again.  This app is really that good!  I hope we do not see them give into the big media types and kill it with tons of ads/bloat.

So am I satisfied as a previous iPad and current Android user w/the iPad 2? Yes. Even though I mocked the iPad 2 as an iPad 1.5 with more magic, it really is an upgrade.  Most of the major pieces are under the hood and really allow apps to shine.

[youtube 6IWPHExeSPo]