Friday, May 06, 2011

cord control: my cord management system

If your a geek, you probably have cord management issues. I know I do and finally have come up with a pretty decent solution.  Today's post will give an example of how I deal with cord management in my living room.

My living room entertainment area is actually just an Ikea Expedit Bookshelf on its long end.  Its actually a pretty good setup for the price, about $70 total.  I plan to eventually mount my HDTV on the wall but inevitebly would still have this bookshelf under it for my components, consoles, games and cables.

I just bought a clear, plastic box that fits the shelf ( Lekman clear box); also from Ikea. Yea, its not good when you  just move into a place that is located 4 blocks from an Ikea, hehe.

Brutally carved out the back to allow bigger cables to pass through and then put my main AC surge protector in there and then ran all power cables and bricks (minus the 360s) in here.

I also then setup a USB hub in the box and connected all of my Rock Band instruments and Singstar wireless Mic adapter to it.  This way all I have to do to rock out is just plug one usb cable into the PS3 Slim and we have all instruments ready to play. :)

Feel free to share your own cable management systems in the comments :)