Sunday, June 19, 2011

unboxing: LG G2x (my first dual core phone)

Well, this week has been quite the gadget week for me.  A few weeks back I purchased a used T-Mobile HTC G2 Android slider on eBay and after using for a few weeks decided that the slider format just wasn't for me (at least not when it comes to Android phones, Blackberry phones thats a whole different story).  Being the hardware geek that I am, I realized I wanted a phone that had the fastest CPU and possibly a dual core cpu.  Thus leading to my new purchase of an LG G2x Android phone.  Keep reading for the unboxing and photos.

Prior to my LG G2x purchase this weekend, I have had a special place in my geek heart for powerful, leading phones.  Back a year and half Google released the Nexus One via its first attempt at an online phone store.  The store itself closed only a few months after being opened but the purpose of the Nexus One launch by Google was very successful in my opinion.   Most people will cite the sales numbers or lack of for the Nexus One phone as a failure for Google but I object.  Google's release of the Nexus One was NOT about sales but about SETTING THE BAR for manufacturers for what a Premium Android handset should be.  Look at the phones that have since released for Android after the Nexus One's launch? HTC's full lineup of super phones (Desire, Thunderbolt, Evo,etc), Galaxy S, Nexus S, LG Optimus 2x, etc.

So to me the LG G2x is the natural line of progression for the Android superphones.  It has a dual core Tegra 2 cpu, 4G radio (T-Mobile flavor) and nearly all the latest tech (minus NFC, this was removed from the USA version).  So lets take a look at some shots of it. I'll post a mini-review after I have had some time w/the phone.