Monday, August 01, 2011

Random: rim, tablets and tech on the brain

Today's post is a 'my thoughts' blog on the current tech landscape.  Apologies for the uber long time between posts, the 'real' job got crazy busy.  So lets get to it, I'll discuss my thoughts on RIM, tablets and some random console thoughts.

Again, there will not be any shiny gadgets or pretty pictures in this post.  Lets start out today by thinking of RIM and Blackberry.  Haven't we seen this before? *cough PALM...  And has RIM not learned anything from Palm's falling out?  The lesson?  Just because you are the current leader, you don't get to take a year off.  You have to constantly be fighting for first and you have to listen to the users and even more importantly the hardcore fans of your devices (ie Crackberry users).

RIM can survive but only if they do what I had mentioned a while back ago; make a BES app for Android! DUH! License the BES server backend as an add-in and charge another license fee to corporations and then make an agreement with Google to assist on security APIs and support for the BES controls in Android. Also the added security RIM is known for and BAM! Everyone wins.

This could also give RIM time to rethink its mobile design philosophy while they temp became a software only company.  They need to get fresh with phone ideas; don't just try to make another iBlackberry type clone wanna-be (ie Storm).  How about a dual split, sliding keyboard? image an ergonomic type keyboard on a slider phone (horizontal)? make it so you can type like you do on a current Blackberry 9780 and you just won back a ton of your followers.  however, you do have to ditch your OS and in turn where your temp software side of things fill in this gap (their releasing the Android BES app and testing on other android type hardware and can then also get an idea on what type of specs are required for a device to run the app and most updated android os verisons).

In my opinion, RIM started its demise the day it launched the Storm.  The Storm was the worst touchscreen I had used in a while.  The hardware was ok but the OS was terrible.  The idea behind it was basically a 'me-too' after thought on what a Blackberry iPhone would be.  Fail.  RIM should have instead built a slider w/a touchscreen.  Keep the classic/solid Blackberry keyboard but also add a large fullscreen and make it have touchfeatures as a bonus.  Navigation via a trackpad or wheel (ie Pearl like).  The Tablet almost seemed like another Storm and in a way is.  It was a half finished product like the Storm.

Lastly.. If your going to compete against Apple in any realm, be sure your device is a finished project.  2011 seemed like it started with a ton of unfinished tablets.

Next up, tablets.  Here's what I want in a tablet that I can't find currently:

1. Hybrid touchscreen.  I want a capacitive, resisitive screen like the Dell XT/XT2 has.  I finally think that a tablet (iPad / Android) could seriously replace my silly yellow notebooks i keep my tech notes in.  Capacitive will never work since it requires a larger surface and you can't write fast and accurate; resisitive solves this problem and add in a pen w/hover abilities.  Downfall would be additional draw in power the digitizer screen would pull, however a slim battery that spans full back of tablet could offset that or clever componant design.

2. Keep it at 7".  Apple, MAKE ME A 7" iPad! I love my iPad2 but would love it even more if it was a 7" size.  I had a Galaxy Tab 7" and actually took it everywhere with me as my iPad sat on the couch.  Yes, an iPad is portable but it isn't usable portable like a 7" tablet would be.

3. Don't release an unfinished product! Yes, I will prob root/unlock the boot loader on my Android tablet/phone on day one but the avg joe/jane has no idea what rooting is or what CWM recovery is either or wants to.  Apple is killing you guys because of this.  Think about your tablet and its design.  Its so easy to try to copy but worth so much more if you can out-design them.  Why haven't tablets tried a more ergonomic shape to them like mice have in the years? Make the most comfortable to hold Android Honeycomb tablet and BAM you have an instant winner.  That could be the next winning non-iPad tablet. I can't see Apple taking that big of a risk w/the iPad since its doing amazing in regards to sales and people loving it.

Finally, consoles.  More specifically, handheld consoles and the 3DS. So Nintendo, did you hear the groan that was us early adopters/3DS owners?  Good to see them give the early owners a little something after a crazy price drop.  Ok, your doing good things here Nintendo and can check that one off my list of negatives (price drop = perhaps losing a little on hardware?).  I'm not sold on the Wii U at all yet since most of the third party game videos were of PS3/XBOX360 versions of the game.  I still question the size of the controller over long periods of time.  I know w/the 3DS, you basically had to NOT MOVE a muscle when playing w/3D on or you'd lose focus.  3DS was meh, the Vita is more my type of handheld. 3G data, all of the location based stuff, dual touchscreens, AMAZING graphics (yes, i am a graphics whore, once you go HD you never go back) and a long list of amazing games in dev.  Hopefully we won't be disappointed w/a lackluster launch of it.  I think Sony knows better after the PS3 launch or failure of.

So there we have it! Your thoughts?