Monday, April 02, 2012

HDMI Control: my crazy setup (3 devices)

I love HDMI control abilities!  HDMI control? HDMI Control is the ability for devices to be controlled over an HDMI connection.  This basically allows you to use one remote (in my upcoming example/setup my LG TV remote) to control several devices.  Think of it like having a Harmony remote and setting it up to control all devices.  Read on for the goodies!

I currently own an LG HDTV (2011 model) that has Simplink, a PS3 Slim that supports HDMI Control and a Sony Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) that supports HDMI control. If things were as they should be and my TV supported DTS pass through, this setup would be much easier however I am forced to run digital optical from my PS3 to my Sony AVR.  My Sony AVR does not support 3D Bluray HDMI so I cannot run my PS3 directly through the AVR but must connect it directly to my LG 3D TV.

My Goal: To be able to use HDMI control and in turn my LG Remote to control my PS3, Sony AVR for audio and LGTV for Video.

Lets clarify my setup w/the following diagram (this excludes the DVR).

So the run down in list form:

1. PS3 Slim is connected to my LG TV via HDMI for video (ie 3D/HD)
2. PS3 Slim is connected to Sony AVR via Digital Optical for Audio (DTS,THX,Dolby 5.1) in the TV input
3. Sony AVR is connected to LG TV via HDMI for HDMI Control abilities using HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) Ports on LG TV and Sony AVR (also a TV Out port)
4.  PS3 is setup to allow multi-audio output (ie both Digital Optical and HDMI audio can output simultaneously).  Lets me use normal TV speakers for audio from PS3 at night or use Sony AVR for theater experience.

I then had to enable ARC in the menu on the Sony AVR and also in the LG TV.   What did I finally accomplish?

1. I can now power on my PS3 and my TV will turn to the PS3 input and also power on the Sony AVR receiver.

2. I can control the Sony AVR via my LGTV remote. I can also control my PS3 with the LGTV remote.

3. When I power off my TV, it turns the PS3 and Sony AVR off.

4. Finally, I did this by basically chaining my HDMI connections in a working order.  PS3 to LGTV to Sony AVR back to LGTV. I created a HDMI loop it seems. :)

However, if my Sony AVR supported 3D HDMI inputs I could have just ran my PS3 through the Sony AVR and then Sony AVR to LGTV and get HDMI control easily.