Tuesday, October 09, 2012

my current mobile setup, thoughts...

Tonight's write up will be a quick summary of my current mobile / on-the-go setup and also a few thoughts on the current crazy mobile world.

As a phone geek, I figured it may be fun for  the readers to know what this geek is rocking for his mobile setup.  Plus, who doesn't like to geek-brag right? :)

Mobile Phones:

Daily use phone/Main: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Likes: Jellybean (4.1) OS, NFC, screen and size, battery life, color LED notifications
Dislikes: minor delays when having more than 12 apps open in bg, no stylus, no external memory slot

Bar/Nightlife phone: Apple iPhone 4
Likes: camera, screen, size (3.5" form factor), super stable OS, hardware feel
Dislikes: basic feel of OS, no Siri, horrible maps app, no NFC, no external memory

Outdoor/Camping/Activity phone: Sony Xperia Mini X10
Likes: decent camera for size, super small size, loud speakers, camera shutter button
Dislikes: old os (but can be hacked/rooted), not multi-touch touchscreen, slower cpu

Tablets/Gaming Devices:

Gaming: Sony PS Vita 3G
Likes: amazing hardware (seriously the best), screen, psp and psone support (finally!), PS3 crossplay/crosscontrol/connectivity
Dislikes: only a few big titles, battery life, proprietary memory cards/cables

Connectivity: AT&T Elevate MiFi 3G/4G/LTE
Likes: microsd slot for nas abilities, fast speeds, external antenna options, battery life, lcd screen
Dislikes: none at the moment, does what it should do and does it well.
Notes: Using my AT&T iPad Unlimited dataplan and micro sim card and data plan for unlimited hotspot data :) Just needed a micro sim to normal sized adapter

Tablet: Blackberry Playbook 64GB
Likes: again great hardware, loud speakers (loudest i've seen on any modern tablet), smooth OS, BES email support/control
Dislikes: lack of apps and developers, BB OS 10 compatible?

Work Laptop: Lenovo X220 (Core i7, Intel SSD)

Personal Laptop: Dell XT w/Windows 7

I just recently sold my ASUS Nexus 7 tablet. However I did not sell it because I didn't like it, I am saving to upgrade to a Galaxy Note 2.  I realized that there was really no need for it if I was going to a 5.5" phablet.

I love my MiFi.  It's the first thing I make sure I have in my travel backpack when I head out.  For most the cost of the plan may turn them off but being able to fire it up in an airport and be on the net instantly is nice.  If you travel enough, the data plan pays for itself vs paying for internet in the airport or at a hotel (most don't but some still do).

I've stayed out of the laptop game lately due to the high cost of them.  Most laptops I buy I own for a year at the most.  However if I was asked what I would get, I'd say either a Macbook Air (I've owned the first gen, third gen versions and they are simply amazing. bar. none. plus, you can put windows7 on it easily if you prefer windows) or a Lenovo X1 ultrabook.  Specwise, they are head to head and Lenovo really stepped up their design game with it.

As for my next phone upgrade, I am saving for a Galaxy Note 2.  I've been contemplating waiting for the next Nexus phone from Google but I'm not too excited after hearing LG is making the next one (or so the rumors have said).  LG lost me as a customer due to its non-support for the G2x (first dual core phone released and basically abandoned after 3 months of release).

I still have yet to find a phone or tablet that can replace my post it notes and notepad.  The Galaxy Note 2 may finally be that piece of tech that could do it.  Its size, stylus and battery life/size really screams at me that YES I CAN BE THAT.  Now the big question is, do I buy a T-Mobile branded version (and lose my free hotspot) or AT&T and hack new radio on it (if this can be done w/this version) or go International and not have LTE options?

Well, I think I'll stop blabbering and call it a post.  Keep it geeky!