Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post E3, XBOXOne-Eighty, PS4, iOS 7, ReadySet (Podcast)

Today's podcast will chat about Microsoft's post E3 reversal of policy on DRM and checkins, the PS4 and how it can win this console war and some random mobile babble regarding iOS7 and Android and finally props to Fenix Intl and their ReadySet Solar Charging Kit.


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Gaming: the eve of change? pre-e3 2013 thoughts (podcast)

Tomorrow begins gaming's biggest event of the year, the E3 2013 expo. This year marks the begining of the next gen again. In 2006 it was the overly priced PS3 vs the XBOX 360 vs the blue ocean killer Wii; this time it seems to be more of a 2 console race even more. However the next gen of gaming may have large implications to us gamers as consumers and our rights on our games.

Today's podcast is a longtime gamers thoughts on the next gen systems and also a warning to the console makers and publishers.

Bottom line: there is no you without us.

PS. Btw, this is my first ever podcast type post so I apologize if its a bit awkward.