Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Geek Delights: Google Glass in the house

Google just recently unleashed it's second wave of Explorer beta invites for Glass out into the wild and this lucky geek finally got the gold ticket, minus the $1500 to be 'invited'.  Let's take a quick look at my new geek toy.

Dade Murphy in the movie Hackers back in 1995 gave me a glimpse of wearable computer technology.  Sure it was mainly just a prop to add to the look more than anything (along w/all of the hacker underground cliches, horrible computer ui) but it stuck with me since then.

Fast forward to Nov 2013, there actually exists a device like this; Google Glass.  Glass has been out in the wild for a few months now and has gotten mixed reviews with most concerned mainly about privacy of others being viewed with it, recorded and others who do not like it just because of the 'douchebaggery' associated with Glass.  Me, I see Glass as the begining of the next wave of tech/trends and change to society in how we interact w/the digital worlds.

Last Sunday night while laying in bed, I got an email from the Glass team.  I didn't expect much since I've been interacting w/the Glass twitter team quite a bit (basically begging to get into the beta/explorer program).  However this email was different, this was the Your Invited to Glass email!!  The email also gives me a code for the store and also a reminder that I have seven days to redeem it.

A few clicks later and $1500 on the plastic, I had finally ordered Glass. It would be mine.  I figured it would take a few days to process and ship however to my surprise I received a message that my order had been received Monday and then a shipped message on Tuesday.  I checked the shipping and it's overnight so Wednesday I have Glass.  

You get Glass, a USB Charger, Mono earbud accessory (only versions after Oct 28 get them), Protector Shield and Pouch.

The first time I see the Glass logo my heart jumps with joy.  The future is now.  I've played around with Glass for a few days now and am getting used to it and will post another update with more details on how it works, reactions from using it in public, etc.

I do like the video record capturing abilities in a first person perspective.  Here are  few more photos and videos from Glass.