Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Apple OS X Yosemite and Changing Airdrop save location via Automator

So I've been a Mac desktop user now for about 4 years and at times love my Mac and at times hate my Mac.  At work I am a very heavy Windows user and power user. I do desktop administrator at my place of work and know how to customize/tweak the Windows OS to an extreme level.

Lately I've moved over to using an iPhone6 Plus as my main daily driver phone and am trying to use the native cross-functionality of iOS and OS X Yosemite.  A nice feature that I hadn't used up until getting my iPhone 6 was Airdrop.  However now that I see the power and convenience in using it, I have ran into a few annoyances.  The main one being the inability to set the default save location for files that are AirDropped to your Mac.   By default, these files will save to your System Drive > Users > Downloads folder.  There are no ways to change this folder in the OS like you can in Safari.