Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My first handgun; the Sig Sauer P250 modular gun

As most know, i'm a total gadget and tech geek.  however i also am american so i like to exercise my rights and in turn a few years back bought my first hand gun after getting my purchase permit (MN requires a purchase permit for handguns, valid for a year or 5 if you do a conceal and carry).

I bought this gun mainly due to it's modular nature.  One can swap out the frame or slide/barrel with different sizes (full, compact, subcompact) and calibers (9mm, .357, .40, .45 and even a .22 conversion kit).  This last month I finally found a good deal on the 9mm subcompact x-change kit and will touch on that too.  Enjoy!

First things first, the Sig P250 started life out very rough.  It had a ton of initial jams and problems ejecting and jamming.  Sig did update the P250 about a year after it's release (2011ish) to resolve these problems.  Also the P250 has a DAO trigger, meaning it has a long trigger pull.

So let's get to it, why did I choose the P250 over the numerous other 9mm handguns out there?  My main reason was the modular nature of the gun, the reputation behind Sig guns (minus the first gen of the P250) and the price of the gun, about $450.

A modular handgun?  What is that?  It means the firing mechanism is built so that it can be easily swapped out of the frame and put in a different sized frame and even change calibers using a Sig X-Change Kit.   I can take my Compact Frame/Full slide 9mm P250 and put it into a full subcompact frame (The video shows this change out, takes about 4mins to do!).

Here's my video of the X-Change kit and swapping it out.

I have put about 500 rounds through it and so far have not had a single jam or eject failure.  I ran about 50 rounds through the subcompact frame/slide and again zero jams or eject failures.  The P250 is a great deal for those who want to possibly change form-factors later on without having to buy a totally new gun and register it.  The kit i bought did run around $250 but is well worth it.  I can buy it without having to get a new purchase permit or registering of it.

The P250 is a very solid DAO gun and the modular nature of it really adds value overall.