Friday, January 15, 2016

RockBand 4 on the PS4 and how to deal with crazy DLC and tuning your library :)

So.. yea.. i'm a total RockBand junkie.  I have been playing Rock Band since the PS3 and the first game.  I have since then bought every disc game minus the Lego one's out there and even got Blitz but that was just for it's awesome song list.

Nonetheless, the jump to current generation consoles (PS4/Xbox One) made me jump with joy.  Finally, I could put away the PS3 and move it to the bedroom.  It's now been several months since launch for Rock Band 4 and I plan to recap how to manage your library if you are like me and TONS of DLC with the exports being available.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

MINI Cooper Coding: NCSExpert on Windows 10 without a VM

I wrote this post a while ago on the NAM forums but want to share it with my MINI Cooper readers, just in case.

So, long story short after getting the newest LED DRLs installed at my MINI dealership they had to replace my whole radio since the brakes coding went a wry and fried the radio, etc etc. After hearing that there was indeed a proper code upgrade from MINI, i realized my previous NCSExpert setup using a virtual machine XP in Windows 7 was probably not going to work since i needed newer datens and also was sick of the VM solution.

After much digging, i found a newer client of NCSExpert that runs on Windows 7/8/8.1 32bit and 64bit and also new datens that work with my just updated coupe (as of March 12, 2015)! ie I have been able to recode all of my settings back along with VIM (which I'll add notes about too! not many details out there at times).