Monday, February 13, 2017

Current Geek projects: OS X on my work x220, handheld hacking..

so what have i been up to? well.. the usual things, console hacking/modding/softmodding and putting os x on a lenovo x220 along w/wifi upgrade and m2 sata add on for dual boot of win7/10 and macos sierra. is a great resource for any X220 user who is looking to hackintosh their lenovo. :) very well done guide and all resources are available via click minus the mac os part ;)

so i have my x220 running the latest macos sierra and mainly plan to use it just for photos app (still the best one out there, windows has nothing that comes close.. you win this one apple!) and imovie.  the final result of os x is pretty dang good, i upgraded the wifi to the Dell 1515 adapter that does BT 4.0 and wifi 802.11ac in os x and have a m2 samsung evo 850 250GB enroute to put my dual windows boot setup on (win 7 / 10).  so just what i've been doing on the project pc side..

oh yea.. and also am about to rollout 300+ Windows 10 2in1 laptops too. i should write up my image creation process; i have a system to create a fully defaulted thick OS image of win10 that allows one to set a default start menu layout, taskbar layout, powerscheme, installed apps w/default settings per app (ie copyprofile=yes in win7 days) and more. ;) yea, i'm a win10 kungfu masta..

lastly, been doing the 3DS hack thing and also have my PSP Go all modded up. Vita is enroute, found one that supposedly has 3.51 firmware so.. ;)  not sure what i'll do w/my launch day 3G/Wifi Vita and PSTV (currently in boxes.. )

got a Switch preordered and playing the wait and see on if i keep it or sell and buy later. Thinking latter is better choice but i'm a geek and love new things so most likely prior. ;)

peace out, geek out.