Sunday, February 19, 2017

Softmodding notes: PS Vita: Transferring PS3 PSP game to Vita w/CFW;Henkaku. Activating PS Vita via PS3.

Some notes about getting PS Vita activated after modding via Henkaku. I did do a full backup of my official firmware PS Vita 3.63 to QCMA prior to softmodding my 3.60 Vita.

PS Vita: Transferring PS3 PSP game to Vita w/CFW;Henkaku.

1. Open QCMA on pc.
2. Download PSP game on PS3
3. On Vita w/3.60 CFW; make sure you used PSN ID you want to activate upon startup guide, if not restore system and redo full setup!
4. Turn off Wifi on PS Vita and power down for 30 secs, power back up.
5. Connect USB to PC w/QCMA running. Make sure to set Offline Mode in QCMA.
6. On Vita, open up Content Manager and then go Copy.  Let app load to menu where you can choose apps.
7. Unplug usb cable from PC but leave app open; leave error about pc disconnected up.
8. Plug into PS3 you downloaded PSP game on and has an activated psn id.
9. Click OK on error and then copy game to Vita.
10. Now that Vita is activated, all previous legit purchased games can be copied back to Vita via QCMA. :) PSN access and store access still do not work but does allow you to play all games you bought; also PSP games will show up in Adrenaline too! :)  (i've bought all FFV - FFX games on PSN).  Also if you copy PS Vita games from QCMA to Vita; the saves will copy over too along w/game updates and dlc you legitimately purchased. :)

More PS Vita hacking notes coming this week. I've gotten the PS Vita soft mod/hack/backup playing nailed down now. My PS Vita has Henkaku running along w/Adrenaline and PSP emulation along w/playing of true PSN purchased games/backedup games. :)