Thursday, April 13, 2017

Windows 10 Pro - Disabling Windows Updates completely (1607 build)

I'm so done w/windows updates being forced onto my system and the thought of waking up to a computer w/3TBs of personal data not booting because it installed a CU update for Win10 that wasn't fully tested (remember, Microsoft missed patch tuesday in Feb 2017; the FIRST TIME EVER SINCE Windows XP.. not a good sign!!).

Today, I'll show Windows 10 Pro users how to disable Windows Updates completely via GPEdit and local group policy.


Windows 10 Pro 1607 Build (anniversary build, not latest creator, may still work but not tested)
User account w/administrator rights.


1. Hit Windows Key + R to bring up Run dialog or Type: gpedit.msc in start menu and then launch the Local Group Policy Editor.

2. Expand: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update.

3. In the Windows Update policies, enable the following policies by double click on them and then clicking enable (see the note about the first one though!!)

Specify intranet Microsoft update service location - Enabled
Enable and then set locations to a non-existent server. (screen shot below)

Do not connect to any Windows Updates internet locations - Enabled

No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled amount of time - Enabled 

All settings:

This will also prevent the ability to install windows store updates and apps from the windows store. however you can temp allow this by just changing the: Do not connect to any Windows Updates internet locations - Not Configured and then install the app or update and then go back and instantly change this back to enabled and reboot.

Hope this helps other concerned high level Windows 10 geeks. Hopefully Microsoft will reverse course on their decision to FORCE updates on users, even those of us who bought the Pro version assuming we could fully control the update process.