Tuesday, July 18, 2017

No Man's Sky - My wiki creating script!! v7a updated for new Hub templates!

Well, today is a big day for the No Man's Sky Galactic Hub reddit community.  Our fearless leader 7101134 and the Hub council has decided on moving to a new location after the 1.30 updates due to system names not reflecting what they are and just starting a new.

Prior to the move, a Hub Council was created to help offload some of the tasks needed to move a virtual civilization of interlopers.  After my script contributions to the community, I was invited into the council and gladly took up a position as a Lead Archivist due to my work on the wiki and making a script to make entry creation easy to add to the Gamepedia No Man's Sky Wiki

So today I announce my updated script version 7.  This template is a basic dos/commandline script that uses input variables to ask questions and then outputs a notepad sourcetext file that you can copy and paste into a new gamepedia.com entry and have a nearly finished wiki entry.

The outputted sourcetext still will need to be edited to add images and other details however this will take out a lot of the work of trying to find and replace fields from an already existing entry.  Notes have been made in the template to help users know what to put where. :)

Templates included:

  • Star System
  • Planet
  • Base
  • Ship
  • Fauna

Example of gamepedia outputs found here:


NMS Template Maker v7.0 Google Drive Folder


  • some escapable characters may cause funkiness in formatting, the pipe command def does cause issues but i think i've fixed this in v4.0
  • once variables are entered, notepad is called to open the text file that gets saved to your desktop. you should be able to then create a new gamepedia wiki page and just insert this code to have a very quick initial wiki page.  
  • you will want to edit the tables for resources, planets/moons and blueprints
  • images still need to be uploaded and inserted into where i've noted they should go
  • text file are created on your desktop and then opened in notepad once created

Version History
 (all .cmd files are available for download and remarks added to script to explain how it works)
  • This is just version 1.0 and i hope to add in a planet and ship template option and also a multitool one later this month.
  • Updated version 2.0: added Planet template (see preview below, be sure to download v2 file)
  • Updated version 3.0: added Ship template (see preview below, be sure to download v3 file)
  • Updated version 4.0 (7/21/17) reworked advanced tables in the star system template for planets in system; much more readable on mobile devices and easier to edit on wiki source!
  • Updated version 5.0 (7/23/17) reworked flora and fauna tables in planet template to be friendlier looking on mobile browsers. probably last update for a while unless requests/bugs in script are found. :)
  • NOTE: v6.0 is up (8/6/17)!  Very minor updates to tables based on some feedback from gamepedia admins on some changes. Close as I can get to making mobile browser friendly for now. Enjoy!
  • v7.0 is live and updated for the Atlas Rises 1.30+ updates and new Hub templates! 8/20/17 
  • v7a has been updated w/the new gamepedia version tags to mark if atlas rising based template vs legacy/pre 1.30 (9/4/2017)

Download the .cmd file at my Google Drive Folder: NMSTemplateMaker (Google Drive)

NMSTemplate Maker Info Checklist (v5)
--Makes answering questions easy! Also you can leave all fields blank to generate a basic template with no data filled.

*Name wikipage same as name inputted to get all links to work. Exclude brackets [] on system names in form and on gamepedia wiki.

Star System Template Info Needed (quick):
  • Star System Name:
  • Original Star System Name:
  • Region of Space/Hub (ie Rahesdaingwut Terminus):
  • System Class (ie G8p (Yellow))
  • Distance to Center
  • Planet (# of Planets,0 for none):
  • Moons (# of Moons (0 for none):
  • Faction of System (ie Gek):
  • Discovered By (you or user on system)
  • System Played On (PC or PS4):

Expanded Info/Media (optional but recommended 😊 ) :
  • Photos of system from galactic map showing relation to center.
  • Photos of planets from space for gallery
  • Photo of Nanite Trader at Space Station
  • Space Station Vendor technology upgrades and prices.
  • Photo of Terminal Buy prices at Space Station
  • Photos of ships in Space Station
  • Basic Planet Details (name, type, extreme, sentinels, resources from space scan)
  • Other useful info (bases, rare resources, portals, comm stations, etc)

Planet Template Info Needed (quick):
  • Planet Name:
  • Star System Name (same as wikipage name if exists):
  • Galactic Hub Region:
  • Planet Type (from options/start screen > discoveries):
  • Planet Weather (from options/start screen > discoveries)
  • Sentinels (from options/start screen > discoveries)):
  • Flora Type (from options/start screen > discoveries)
  • Flora Number (Number of flora to create table of (ie 0 1 4) to add details for:)
  • Fauna Type (from options/start screen > discoveries):
  • Fauna Number (Number of fauna to create table of (ie 0 1 3)):
  • Fauna Percent Found on Planet:
  • Discovered By
  • Game Mode (ie normal survival permadeath)?:
  • PC or PS4:
    • Fill in resources manually in the infobox area like examples

Base Template Info Needed (quick):
  • Base Name:
  • Planet Name Where Base Located:
  • Star System of Base:
  • Galactic Region:
  • # of Resources to create table of (rows):
  • NipNip NipNip Available? (Yes or No):
  • RaceTrack Racetrack (Yes/No)?:
  • Terminal Terminal (Yes/No)?:
  • Number of Landing pads (ie, one two; none   zero)?:
  • Geobay Type (ie Colossus Roamer Nomad or none):
  • Enter builder name/id:
  • Game Mode (ie normal survival permadeath)?:
  • PC or PS4

Ship Template Info Needed (quick):
  • Original ship name:
  • New ship name (if different):
  • Planet name where ship was found/purchased:
  • System name where ship Was found/purchased:
  • Galactic region where ship was found/purchased:
  • Coordinates of star system, include :'s (ie 0000:0DB0:0035:0150):
  • Ship Type (Hauler Shuttle Fighter Explorer):
  • Ship Class (S A B C):
  • Size of inventory slots (small medium large):
  • Number of Inventory Slots (ie 10 19 28 48):
  • Damage bonus percent (wihtout percent sign, ie 25):
  • Shield bonus percent (without percent sign, ie 25):
  • Warp bonus percent (without percent sign, ie 25):
  • Name of trader who ship was purchased from:
  • Ship cost in unites:
  • Discovered by name or userid (ie seamonkey420):
  • Game mode (normal survival permadeath creative):
  • PC or PS4 (ie PC PS4):

(may be outdated but above gamepedia script example pages will be updated to latest version of script)

Star System GUI:

Base System Gui/Preview:

Planet Gui/Preview:

Ship Gui/Preview:

Updated: even more formatting updates to make tables mobile friendly, other edits per gamepedia admins/requests.  v6.0 8/6/17

So, yea, I'm still playing No Man's Sky and honestly am not ashamed of it.  I love this game and documenting things in it.  In June 2017, I restarted my gamesave so I could make my way to the Galactic Hub ( more info here: https://www.reddit.com/r/NMSGalacticHub/) and after about 350 hyper drive jumps, I arrived and found a system to call home and to setup a nice NipNip farm on.

After exploring my home planet and system for a while, I decided to contribute to the Hub community and add my system and base to the Wiki.  Initially this wasn't as easy as it seemed it would be. I had to find a template and then edit it with my info and then upload all of the images.  The same was true for my base.  Finally after a week or so of exploring, documenting info about my systems, I bit the bullet and finally created a Gamepedia - No Man's Sky Wiki account and setup my wiki pages.

My home system is here:

My base wiki page is here, I even created my own personal Lore around it:

A system I trade my NipNip and AP at to make 10million units a trip w/my hauler:

So to address this, I decided to take my geek KungFu scripting and using a very basic cmdline script, created a template generating script: seamonkey420's NMSTemplateMaker version 4.0!